Linn Majik DSM/2

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1 Year Warranty!

A Linn Majik DSM/2 in a lovely condition which can be seen in the photos. Upgraded to the latest firmware. Comes with its power cord, remote control, and one year warranty!

Linn Majik DSM/2
Chakra Power & Dynamik Power Supply
2x 90 Watts in 8 Ohms
2x Exakt Link
3x Coax Digital Inputs
3x Optical Digital Inputs
1x Coax Digital Output
1x Optical Digital Output
4x HDMI Inputs
1x HDMI Output
4x Analogue Inputs (one of them can be used as Phono MM)
1x Analogue Output (Pre Out)
1x Analogue Output (Line Out)
1x Ethernet
1x Headphone Jacket
1x Analogue Input 3.5mm Front