Audiolab 8000S

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A beefier version of the classic Audiolab 8000A with a larger power supply, it also supports remote control (remote control for this unit is unfortunately missing). This model can also be setup to be used as a preamplifier, integrated amplifier, pre-power AV (if you want to use the a seperate preamp with the power amp in the 8000s)

This unit is in rare silver, working as it should and sounds great. Unfortunately, there is some marks on the top of the amplifier which can be seen in the photos.

Comes with power cord.

Audiolab 8000S
Integrated Amplifier
2x 60 Watts in 8 Ohms
25 A output current
6x Analogue Inputs RCA
2x Analogue Tape Outputs RCA
1x Analogue Output RCA
2x Pre Amp Out
1x Power Amp In
Headphone output
Dimensions (WxHxD) 445x74x335 mm
Weight 8 kg